Cloudray II VI ZnSe Focus Lens DIa. 19.05mm 20mm FL 50.8 101.6mm 2 4" for CO2 Laser Engraving Cutting Machine Free Shipping

sample microscope, visionking telescope

Microscope Jewelry Tools

270x140x50mm. 10*10*8cm. 100 data. Wholesale vision device night. Astronomical telescopes. Microscope cover glass. MonocularsTelescope camera. L1154. About 120*53*29mm. Fully multilayer green coated (fmc green). Led pull. 2.0mp usb camera digital eyepiece. 20pcs/lot. Distance meters rangefinder. 4x 10x 20x  40x 100x. 3x 10x 55x. Wholesale lens adjustable. Stand pcb. 

2 Boom

Tl00838. Aelq-9. Wave length: Veneered. Faceter gem. Magnifier lamp 10x: Hand held showerheads. Plastic hand lens. Massage & relaxation: 140mmx 35mmWf16x, wf20x, wf25x. Multifuction. Camera finder point : Zh110800. 0.1ms~999ms

Dew Telescope

Laser co2 lens. Cellphone pcb. Liscence plate. 40x60 monocular. 0-4.92inch / 0-125mm. 120 * 75 * 40mm / 4.72 * 2.95 * 1.57in. Raspberry 2 pi. Lazer metre. X40-r. 150mm lens. Smart sensor. Magnifier glass. Huangshan. Pocket microscope 30x. 

Reflector 5 In 1

Aaa lr6  2x 1.5v (batteries not included). Wholesale magnifiers lampWholesale loupe diamond. Blue & black. Sony imx236. Co2 laser spare parts. 30x-60x. Item type: Height after assembly: 774-3zxa

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