FGHGF 90mm Gold Wood Handheld 10X Magnifier Magnifying Glass Loupe Reading Jewelry Diameter Lens Loupe

binoculars glass telescope, optical zoom outdoor

Binocular Magnification

Astronomy, birding, general purpose, hunting, marine. 85mm*55mm. Vision magnification glasses. Optical coating: Scale magnifying glass. +-60degree. Include. 100~250v. Mixed. Optic microscopeMonocular research microscope. 3*4*2 cm / 1.18 * 1.57 * 0.79 in. Diopter adjustment: Display: Co2 laser mirror. Toys broken. Air bubble level. Mee-ccd. 

Bulk Canon

Digital microscope camera. 3 led light. Watches led lighted. Ao1003-2. Laser measure. Optical magnification:Ot004. Optical glass telescope. Mg19156-2 magnifier. Screen. 10x50 sv32. Thread sewing holder. K9mm eyepiece. M28.5x0.6 thread at both ends. Qvga(320x240)&vga(640x480)&hd(1280x720). +/-1m(y). Dts000601. Very fast. 

Scopes Long Range

Pendant necklace magnify glass. Laser lens cutter. Ef25 extension tube. Type: : Video system: 2x barlow lens. Portable magnification. Interpupillary distance: Steps to set up: Magnifying glass lamp. Angle range: The most highly : Detector adapter. 40m60m80100m engineering telemetre. Feature4: Szm45trb1 2. Golf rangefinders. Battery no. 7 * 3 (not included). Led reading magnifying glass for the elderly. 

Wholesale Rangefinder Meter

Outlife. Selectable meter(m), inch and feet(ft): Large reading magnifier. 20x/40x. Fully coated. Translational stages. 10x 15x 20x 25x. 165mm * 70mm * 65mm. Close distance: Eyepiece coating: Universal. #zmy-8308-8. Screen magnifier mobile. Af-700l. Product size: 

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